Streets and Parking

We have liaised with the Council and Hertfordshire County Council to ensure that our approach to access, parking and bin storage meets requirements. In particular, we are keen to ensure that parking in the locality is better controlled and that those living on site or visiting to use the shops can do so without impacting on the wider locality.

We have split parking to relate to the retail, community and residential zones proposed. Existing parking for the retained community use will remain unchanged.

Alongside this, we are proposing a series of measures to encourage walking and cycling to, from and throughout the site and to ensure that deliveries to the site and refuse collection is properly controlled.

Our proposals are set out on the image below. If you would like to comment on the proposals, please click here.

Vehicle and cycle parking

Streets and Parking

Deliveries and access - Click to enlarge

Deliveries and access

Bin storage and collection - Click to enlarge

Bin storage and collection