The Site

The current site is in need of regeneration, despite it being home to a well-used shopping parade and a number of community uses, all of which are to be retained and include the Church, Community Centre, Jim McDonald Centre and the Harrier Pub.

Our plans seek to replicate and improve upon what works, re-providing all retail units in 21st Century accommodation, enabling greater connection to the community uses and adding to these through provision of a Doctor’s Surgery on site, as well as bringing forward a range of high-quality homes to help meet housing need in the Borough.

The images below explain what is currently on site and that proposed by Lovell. Click on them to enlarge. We would welcome your views on our scheme.

What is currently on the site?

High View Redevelopment

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What the plan might look like...

August 2018

High View Redevelopment

November 2018

High View Redevelopment

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